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 Hall of City Fathers

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High God

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PostSubject: Hall of City Fathers   Hall of City Fathers Icon_minitimeMon Jan 30, 2012 4:05 pm

Located in an older portion of the city, the Hall of City Fathers is the center of city government. Here the Mayor of Stonedale meets with the city fathers, representatives of residents and businesses alike, to discuss problems facing their home. Among their tasks, the city fathers must find the best way to protect the neutrality and maintain the peaceful, if tense, co-existence of opposed ideologies. To this end the the fathers utilize the sizable city guard to head off open conflict.
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Crom Storm-Heart

Crom Storm-Heart

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PostSubject: Re: Hall of City Fathers   Hall of City Fathers Icon_minitimeThu Feb 16, 2012 12:15 am

Crom had sent runners to the residences of all the other city fathers. He exercised a right that he had never before used, the right to call an emergency meeting, so despite the hour they were all bound to appear. He brewed some tea and drank it slowly, trying to formulate his statement. The other fathers arrived in a trickle while he thought, many of them not happy about being roused at such an hour.

Once all had arrived Crom finished his tea and rose, clearing his throat.

"Honored fathers, I thank you for attending me at this house. I have a grave matter to report. This evening, Zala, daughter of Thok was assaulted and ravished by the son of one of the great merchant families, Marius Adelbert. I have come before you all to demand that justice be done."

The city fathers were uneasy, the Adelberts were a prominent family and Crom suspected that at least a few of the city fathers were on their payroll. Yohn, one of the leaders among the fathers, spoke up then.

That is a very serious allegation Crom. I don't believe that the Adelbert family would appreciate such scandalous words. How do you know that Marius did this thing?

"The profligate often have little appreciation for the righteous Yohn. I know because Zala told me so herself, she was heavily beaten and bore the marks of being forced. There was no lie in her eyes or voice. Marius is guilty and must be brought to justice!"

The words of an orc girl against that of Marius Adelbert is hardly concrete evidence Crom. We cannot bring a son of Stonedale before trial based only on this Zala's word.

Crom's blood ran hot and he stopped forward, before his blood chilled to a freezing river and he stopped, his voice low and deadly

"So I am to understand that we will do nothing? I restrained her father and brothers from exacting blood price on the promise that we would bring justice for her."

You must understand Crom, we can...

"Silence. I understand perfectly. Were a human or elven girl raped by an orc man, the guard would be raiding the orc quarter within the hour. But an orc girl is raped and beaten by a rich human wastrel, and we can do nothing. I refuse to remain part of this body, so lacking in honor and compassion, and I quit this hall!"

Crom turned and stormed out. He had promised justice for Zala, and justice she would have.
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Isis Ariyth

Isis Ariyth

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PostSubject: Re: Hall of City Fathers   Hall of City Fathers Icon_minitimeSun May 27, 2012 11:26 pm

*Upon arrival to the Hall, Isis immediately sought out the small chamber that housed the branch of the Silbaran Order of Holy Knights. A tall male elf of similar coloring to Isis herself bowed deeply, and she returned the gesture. They exchanged reports, the male elf's deep voice reverberating with concern and thinly veiled anxiety.

Isis glanced towards Rulkim near the end of the conversation, and the male elf followed her direction of gaze. More words were passed. He rested a heavy hand on her leather shoulder guard. Another elf moved behind Isis to change out her empty quiver for a fresh one, then silently moved away.

Finally, Isis returned to Rulkim and spoke to him in hushed tones.*

"It is much the same as your elder said. There have been many unreported and unpunished crimes, here. The elves are growing nervous, because the Hall has become imbalanced in their own judicial actions. They suspect corruption among the authorities here, but then, Paladins always do, between you and me.

Still, there was word that an orc was here not long ago, reporting a gruesome crime against one of his own. The rape of a young female."

*Isis growled slightly in her throat, her eyes narrowing as her teeth gritted together in obvious consternation.*

"The City Fathers were strangely dismissive, even considering the differences in class. My own Order took notice of it, but are afraid to act for the political unrest it would create. Still, if something is not done, I can't imagine that this orc would not seek out his own brand of justice and start his own racial war. Rulkim, I cannot allow this to come to pass. If the laws of this city will do nothing, then perhaps the laws of the White Lioness should."

*She slapped her hand down meaningfully on the gladius at her hip.*
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Hall of City Fathers
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