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 The Frozen Harpy

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PostSubject: The Frozen Harpy   The Frozen Harpy Icon_minitimeMon Jan 30, 2012 8:53 pm

*Typical of most taverns, there are round tables, a keeper, and young girls serving drinks. Torches lit in their sconces are set in the stone walls, and a fire pit always burns brightly in the tavern's center. A variety of drinks and meats can be obtained here. Because the tavern is set so deeply within the cavern, the passage of night and day goes unnoticed, and it never closes. Two stone staircases are carved within the walls themselves on opposite sides of The Frozen Harpy, leading to the upper floors of the inn where private rooms can be obtained. The wail of the cavern winds are a constant backdrop to whatever entertainment the place has on hire.

The rooms here are reasonably comfortable, though the decor depicts disturbing images of the Blind Serpent goddess in a variety of personifications and positions*
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The Frozen Harpy
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