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 The Lion's Den

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PostSubject: The Lion's Den   The Lion's Den Icon_minitimeMon Jan 30, 2012 9:47 pm

*A popular tavern and inn situated near the fortress.

Tavern- The front doors open to a large room dotted with elaborately carved wooden pillars. A bar and plenty of tables is the first thing seen upon entry. To one side is a large hearth, the doors to the kitchen nearby. On the other side is a wall of large glass windows. Decorative doors lead to a large balcony beyond and provides an overlook of the river.

Inn- The other floors of the Lion's Den is dedicated to boarding guests. Each of the rooms, while modest in size, are cozy and provide their guests with views of the city and river.*
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PostSubject: Torix enters the tavern.   The Lion's Den Icon_minitimeWed Feb 08, 2012 9:31 pm

I enter the tavern. The Lion's den is bigger than I expected. The room is dimly lit. The room is filled withe aroma of various pipe tobaccos. The smell of fresh ale catches my nose. An attractive blonde in her mid twenties approaches me. She tells me that she is the owners daughter, and asks what would I like to drink. I tell her an ale an she fetches it for me. I pay her one gold. "Thanks," she repiles, her face beaming. An old drunken drarf leans over to me, "I think she likes You my friend," he begins to laugh then falls out of his chair.

I drink my ale and I spot an elf wearing grey and blue, he is sitting at a table by the window and seems like the most person in the room.

I pull up a chair and begin talking to him. "Hi there, I was wondering if you could help me out?," I asked. The elf seems peturbed that I bothered him. "What do you want?," he says anoyingly.
"I was wondering where I can go to make some good money real fast." I said.
The elf laughs sarcasticly "Aren't we all looking for same thing?"

Before I could respond, I felt a cold hand on my shoulder. I look up and I see Newt the guard from the city gate, except now he was stumbling to standup straight, and obviously drunk. Apparently he was off duty. "Listen buddy, if you need a jub, I can git you a jub. You know wut I meen? You just listen to your ol'boy Newt, *hiccup* We'll stop by the recruiten office *hiccup* and I'll have you in uniform by sunrise," said Newt drunkenly.

Just then a huge husky man with a black beard approached me. He shoved the drunken guard away from me. "Listen, you stay away from that recruiting office, if you're going to take lives you ought to get paid for it. Why risk your life for a soldiers wage. Do you want a job?," the man asked. "Yes," I said. "Well then, I want you you come up to the balcony and meet some friends of mine," he said.

I fallowed the man up to the balcony. The balcony oversaw the ocean, and the full moon reflected off the waves. I sat down at a table with three other men. The man I met downstairs Identified himself as Orion, his comrades was Nebulus, and Leo. "There is no money in the army, if you want to get paid then you have to do under the table stuff for the royal family," said Leo. "We do mercernary work for the king and we just lost one of our men. Do you want join us?," said Nebulus. I agree to the job. "Good, then meet us at the castle tommow?," said Leo.

We part ways I go back to the stables, and sleep beside Goth. Tomorrow I would go the castle.
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The Lion's Den
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