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 Champion's Square

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PostSubject: Champion's Square   Champion's Square Icon_minitimeMon Jan 30, 2012 10:50 pm

*Located before the gates of the fortress, Champion's Square is named after the statue of a warrior in its center, the face of which has been eroded by weather and lost to memory. The square hosts the city's market.*
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PostSubject: Torix goes to town.   Champion's Square Icon_minitimeWed Feb 08, 2012 8:58 pm

I ride on the back of of my grizzly bear. I have named the beast Goth. The sun rides high above and it is now noon. I am riding down a long dirt road to the north. To my right and my left are endless fields of wheat and barley. I see weathered field hands working the fields. They raise their heads in amazement at the sight of man riding a bear. In the horizon see a walled city. That is my destination.

The field of wheat end, and is soon replaced with fields of grass. The dirt roads are now paved with cobble stone. I can sense the Goth does not like the feel of the stone under his feet.

Goth and I arrive at the gate of the wall. The walls sun shadow cools us from the sun. Two armed guards holding spears approach us. they wear steel breast plates, and helmets. The first guard smile and asks, "That is quite an unusual steed you've got there. You don't think he's going to be any trouble do you?" "No," I replied, "He want be any trouble, we are just here to pick up a few supplies."

The other guard asks the first guard "What do you think Ron, should we let him in?"
Ron turns his head to the other guard "Yeah Newt, I think it'll be ok, let them in"
"Thank You," I said.

We enter the city, Immediatly I see a stable to put Goth in. I pay the stable keeper with the two diamond earrings I had stolen from a cabin in the hills.

I leave the stables, and venture forth through the markets. The market place is filled with with kiosks of sole proprietors selling goods. Some sell clothes, others sell food. The outer wall of the city also house stone store and resturaunts. The most expensive goods can be found here. It is in one of these shops that I find a blacksmith. The man stood 6'10," and he was bald. He also had a beard. I showed him the necklace I had stolen from a cabin, and asked him what he would give me for it. He laughed when I asked for a sword in exchange for it.
"It is a nice necklace indeed, but I'm afraid all I can give you for it is a steel dagger," said the black smith.
"I'll take it," I said.

I left the blacksmith's shop. The sun had started to set and the marketplace had come alive with elvin fire-dancers. Musicians, fortune tellers filled the streets. The sweet sound of elvin pipes and drarven harps filled my ears, and my heart. Mounted torches illuminated the streets. I purchase a linen shirt, and a shirt of chain-mail. I had but only a few gem stones left, and I gave them to a fortune teller in exchange for some gold coins. I know I got ripped off. I needed to find work soon. I stepped into a tavern called the Lion's Den.
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Champion's Square
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