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 Mountains of Cerdal

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Mountains of Cerdal Empty
PostSubject: Mountains of Cerdal   Mountains of Cerdal Icon_minitimeTue Jan 31, 2012 1:17 am

*The dwelling place of Cera. Should the goddess favor you, you will find yourself standing at the entrance to Cera's home no matter which direction you have taken. Double doors wrought of an unearthly white metal greet you, the scrolling decor elegant and inviting.

Cera's palace is situated inside the mountains and can accommodate innumerable guests, each according to their needs. While mostly underground, the palace does not feel dark or closed in. There are numerous skylights, windows, and balconies scattered throughout the palace. Cera's tables are always filled with food and drink, and there is no end to the many entertainments one may find here. It is a wholesome place.*
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Mountains of Cerdal
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